Tara Lynn Bennett

15 years ago, long before I was even aware that my life was already being shaped by the incredible people around me... You saw strength, power, and fight inside of the 15 year old me. RBC was no easy task but it came with triumphant victories and truly inspiring teamwork. As you know, College was much more difficult; plagued with 4 knee surgeries and a lot of politics ... When I was 18, just before I went off to College, you signed a picture for me and on it you wrote: "dream it, believe it, and you can achieve it" ... I have carried those words with me for 16 years. Joe, your spirit has stayed with me long after our time spent together. The mental toughness I gained throughout my time with you not only helped me through those tough athletic times, but it continues to impact my game of life - both personally and professionally. I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that you are a very special person, whose spirit stays with the lives you touch, for a lifetime.

Having someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself. That's JM Power

Be Well!


Kelli Werner

My name is Kelli Werner (maiden name Talbot) and Joe said that you were writing an article about his industry. I don't know if you have enough information about him, but I wanted to write to you about what he did to help me.

Joe used to train me in basketball when I was in high school and also during my college career. I played at Red Bank Catholic from 1997- 2001. Our team won two Shore Conference Championships, two State Championships and my junior year (2000) we won the TOC and went undefeated 31-0. Joe was our trainer during my four years at RBC. He was a terrific trainer and made us physically stronger and faster on the court. His dedication and hard work to our team helped us stay healthy, fit, and injury free throughout the season. He was also our biggest cheerleader and always there for us on and off the court. After I graduated from RBC I received a full athletic scholarship to Towson University. When I came home in the summer Joe trained me and helped me stay in shape, continue to become stronger and injury free my four years at Towson. I have been an assistant coach for girls basketball at Holmdel High School for the last 6 years and I have used the skills that Joe taught me to help my high school girls as well. He is a wonderful role model, person and I wish nothing but success for him!

Thank you,

Kelli Werner

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