Feel free to download any of Joe's Articles he has written of the years. Knowledge is Power!!!

ACL ACL (2924 KB) 

Balance Balance (4192 KB) 

Bench Press Bench Press (2729 KB) 

Champions Resolution Champions Resolution (1022 KB) 

Drug Free Bench Press Drug Free Bench Press (3109 KB) 

Jack it Up Jack it Up (1535 KB) 

Keep It Keep It (1308 KB) 

Lessons Learned Lessons Learned (2332 KB) 

Only Good Lift Young Only Good Lift Young (937 KB) 

Opinion Opinion (1385 KB) 

Power Rules for Gridiorn Power Rules for Gridiorn (1603 KB) 

Power Up Bench Press Power Up Bench Press (1603 KB) 

SSS without Steroids SSS without Steroids (1727 KB) 

Starting Out Starting Out (3037 KB) 

Stretching Stretching (5959 KB) 

Stretching you Limits 1 Stretching you Limits 1 (2328 KB) 

Stretching your Limits Stretching your Limits (922 KB) 

SuperSize Yourself SuperSize Yourself (1140 KB) 

The Bench The Bench (3780 KB) 

The Habits of a Winner The Habits of a Winner (50 KB) 

Training Training (16725 KB) 

Warm Up On Bench Warm Up On Bench (4281 KB) 

Weight Training Need To know Weight Training Need To know (2620 KB) 

What is Fitness What is Fitness (1683 KB) 

Winning on the Road Winning on the Road (1128 KB) 

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