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We will be closed this Thursday April 6th.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission statement of JMPowerU is to provide student athletes and their families the best holistic education experience offered online. The JMPower News will be our monthly newsletter that will keep the athletes and parents up to date in the world of natural athletic development sport performance and injury risk reduction. Joe will support his mission to lead, educate and motivate student athletes and their families with his voice message called JMPower Thoughts. We will offer courses on topics like power, agility, strength, speed, flexibility and nutrition to pass the competition. We will also teach restoration and recovery methods for optimal progress and health while reducing the risk of injuries in practice and play. At the JMPowerU we choose to make our course work complete and always will teach from a positive perspective. A championship attitude will equal your attitude in sports and in life. 

Remember knowledge is power.

Sincerely Yours,

Coach Joe McAuliffe

FitLife for Adults

This program focuses on your individual goals. We can increase your Strength, Endurance, Cardiovascular Function, Flexibility, and Quality of Life.

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Pre or Post Rehab

With over 20 years experience working with local doctors & physical therapist. Helping clients get back in the game of life and sports.

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Sports Nutrition

Our holistic program focuses on health habits that energize performance, speed, recovery, and promote change. Whether you want to gain muscle or loose fat we guarantee results.

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Professional Alumni

JMPowerU and Coach Mac have done wonders for me throughout my high school, collegiate, and NFL career. I don't believe anything else was more beneficial then the way Coach Mac got me in shape and ready for each upcoming season. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else expect JMPowerU to get the results you want and reach the goals you never knew you could obtain.   

- Bennett Jackson Jr.

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